Headed back to WI this weekend for the first time in a long while.  I went back last summer, but spent most of my time in Madison.  This time D and I are headed straight to the heart of Portage County.

Last week a long-time friend Neal came out to visit, which also facilitated me getting out and about a little more.  We hit the staples: Pho Cafe, Elf Cafe, Intelli, Little Ethiopia, Shortstop, Gold Room, Little Joy, Little Tokyo, El Prado, Tac0 Zone, Natural History Museum, Family..  Of note: Neal made me my first traditional machiato.  He also introduced me to Kenya coffee.   !!

Today I’m roasting some decafs, our El Diablo, and some espresso for Specialty’s.  Yesterday I got into some of our I-Marks (Yirgacheffe, Rwanda, Columbia) and also our Kenya Ndaroini Auction.

I also got a new tattoo with the woman I love and a man I’m fond of.

new tattoo (pic c.o. deaton)

new tattoo (pic c.o. deaton)

Inspired by PRAISE, by Robert Hass, as well as Mendecino falls and my grandfather.

Less pics of me, I promise…

Also upcoming::  USBC IN PORTLAND!!  See you there.