We got a fantastic back-saving mechanism a week or two ago and I’m digging it:

the back saver

the back saver, photo by SR. DEATON PIGOT!!

Until this thing came along, we’d haul green jute from floor level to the scale, where we’d scoop directly from the bag (having to bend down/hold the jute together at the same time). Too much work for old men like us.

Last week was a tiring one for me.. Had Monday off for traveling back from WI,worked Tues, sick Wed and Thurs, then worked Fri. While I was home sick, I started flipping through copies of roast and sifting around the internet for information on roasters, roasteries, etc.. I’m curious about the spectrum of production out there: everything from the monster Probat Jupiter to the small, yet practical for some Diedrich IR-7. Imagine the demand these roasters fulfill, respectively, and the lives of the people who roast on them. Very different. Then I began thinking about our own roasters: here in LA, our trusty Gothot 40k and our little Probat sample roaster. Needless to say, I’ve got lots to learn about these machines and feel motivated as ever to push forward. Well, Marty‘s  coming out tomorrow so I’ll sponge some information off him in between lashings..

Oh yeah, happy short month and belated Valentine’s Day to you all.