Sr. Deaton Pigot, due to visa issues, is out for the next few weeks (hearts are with you, buddy). Sr. Steve Lee is in the process of moving to his recently purchased home. These two things find your trusty roaster flying solo three days this week. Anyone want to scoop coffee?

Que mas? I practiced some espanol con Sr. Jaime Duque de Agrado. We met happenstance in Reno at Agtron. He was finishing up a two week + trip to the US taking care of coffee business and acquiring knowledge. We spoke of fermentation, lot tracking, roasting, 1st cracks, selling coffee, drinking coffee, and more. In a surprise coincidence, Jaime even shared my flight back and to Los Angeles (mine heading home, his en route to Miami) and, with a touch more bad and good luck, he would have stayed at my home and visited the roasting works. More about that over a glass of wine somewhere. Hopes are that I’ll be able to visit Agrado.

In L.A.: Venice yet to open, Venicees yet refining skills, I’m (as said above) about to be roasting my tail off (and have been anyway), I’ve had some reEally nice shots of Black Cat Classic at our cafe in Silver Lake lately, lots of new coffees coming up…

That’s the story.