So many great coffees out right now.  That’s a good place to start.  Roasting coffees that consistently score 85+ on the cupping table as production roasts after their arrival is a thing of beauty and wonder.  


Last week Jesse Crouse and Chris Kornman came to visit.  Jesse is second in command in the QC department in Chicago, having recently(ish) relieved Kornman of the same position (Kornman is now a roaster).  This also happened to coincide with Deaton’s news that his more prestigious visa went through (renewable for up to ten years or something length like that).  Was a real nice couple of days for us all.  We spent some time cupping the new Tanzania release, determining which of the many trial roasts tastes most ideal for a production profile.  


Black Cat’s been rolling through some changes, currently consisting of 80% Brazil and 20% Bolivia.  Mellow, caramel, with some green grape acidity.  Out in Venice (slow bar and otherwise) they’re pulling some single origin production roasts as espresso with some pleasing results.  No more wondering after exclaiming, ‘I bet that’d be good as an espresso!’ eh?  Some of these might taste a big light or ‘green,’ but I support fruity coffees pulled at a light degree.  Not for the faint of heart (or canker sore of mouth–literally, watch the spark on these if you’ve been eating too many green apples).    


Hasta luego