Before jumping off to WI for a week I’d better take a few notes about Roasters Guild Retreat up in Stevenson, Washington this past weekend.

Flew Burbank to PDX early Thursday morning with our head roaster, Steven Lee. Arrived 9ishAM, rental carred, coffeed (Barista) and convened with CHI roasters Mike Kearby and Jason Lips. Met with Dee (she got a job with YWCA in Portland, working remotely mostly) for lunch, then grabbed some Hondo coffee from Stumptown Ace and grabbed some beer for the weekend and hit the road up to Stevenson!

Mike had an early Q class with Marty Curtis on triangulation, so we all took the opportunity to get comfortable in our rooms and have a few tasty beers. Later that night we met our teams (12 total, approx 10 individuals per team), which would be our rolling crews for the Sasquatch Challange/roast off competeition.

Friday was filled with good classes, good people, good coffee. We roasted three different Panamas (Geisha, two Caturras) on three different roasters
Diedrich, US Roaster, and Probat. Later that day I also caught up with long lost friend and mentor, Sr. Geoff Watts.

Some common conversation of the weekend: airflow adjustments in roasting, natural processed coffees, espresso blends, single origin espressos, motorcycles, travels, espresso qc, first crack momentum, roast times, agtron, love, varietals.

I am refreshed. Came back to a new boss as well, Mr. Jay Lijewski, who I’m excited to work with, learn from, and get to know. Off to Wisconsin tomorrow for the next week. No coffee stuff planned, but I’m expecting to visit Alterra, maybe Kickapoo, maybe Bradburrys, maybe more. Excited to see you, WI.