Berlin Reed, also known as The Ethical Butcher, and I have been chatting off and on for quite a few months now. When we first met I was just getting reacquainted with carnivorous eating and Deanna and I had acquired both meat and layer chickens. Berlin and I talked about seasonality, ethics, quality, etc., and made a plan for him to use some Intelligentsia coffee as a rub for his bacon club. Both ideas were new and curious to me: coffee as a cooking ingredient and a club for bacon? I thought back to all the dry fragrance notes I’ve taken over the years and it made complete sense. As for the club, this is Portland so I’m just surprised more people aren’t doing it. We decided on Spring because that’s when many of my favorite coffees are coming out: the Centrals from Honduras and El Sal especially as the early arrivals. Well, Berlin and I touched base about a month ago and I handed him some of my new favorites to play around with. The result? See here:

From Berlin’s website,, descriptions

“Fits & Starts”

Tequila, Intelligentsia Single-Origin Coffee, Candied Citrus and Serrano Chiles

This one is daaaangerous! Tequila and coffee combine with serrano chiles for a bacon that will perk you up any day, and just when you thought it might get out of hand, sweet candied Meyer lemons and blood oranges.

“Persian Nights”

Intelligentsia Single-Origin Espresso, Pomegranate Molasses, Cardamom,

Ground Cumin-roasted Almonds and Pistachios

Inspired by one of my favorite beverages, Turkish coffee, this slab has warm spices like cumin and cardamom backed up by tart pomegranate molasses and roasted nuts. If you are looking for the most decadent BLT you can make, this is the one for you!

And how are they? Delicious and intriguing!